This is the current build of a small project created in Construct, to test out the platform. I don't have enough "events" left to create the full game on the free version, so still debating whether it's worth paying to finish it up.

The full game intends to include:

  • Start screen with instructions and backdrop selection
  • Pause and restart icon buttons, and a pause screen
  • Multiple pinata animal types
  • Kids with "happiness" gauges generate speech bubbles to tell you which type of pinata they want candy from, and you have to hit those to keep their happiness up!
  • If their happiness gets too low, the kid will start crying and eventually you'll get kicked out of the "party"!
  • Game over screen

(And yes the "hooray" is from Halo, please don't sue me!!)

StatusIn development
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorTunan (she/her)
Made withConstruct
TagsBeat 'em up, candy, Casual, Mouse only, pinata, Singleplayer

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