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Wolf populations are on the decline due to unnecessary hunting and changes to their habitats. Play as a lone wolf escaping hunters across an endless terrain - keep running and stay alive as long as you can without being caught in a trap!

This is the initial build submitted for the Montreal Pixelles Game Incubator, completed over 6 weeks. The game is still going under further development as I learn more aspects of Unity and C#. Stay tuned for more features and more polish!

Feedback/suggestions for gameplay, graphics, title, etc. are all welcome :)


RunForYourLife-initialBuild.zip 45 MB

Install instructions

Displays best at a 16:9 resolution (1600x900, 800x450)


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This looks neat! Any plans for an OS X or web build?

Thanks! I'll do more builds once I've developed it further :) I originally had it in the unity web player but they seem to have got rid of that :/

Cool! I'll look forward to it.